SEO Mythology & Tactics from SEO Book Community Manager Eric Covino

NIM was thrilled to have Eric Covino, of internationally regarded SEO community and answer questions on Search Engine Optimization and Google rankings. NIM attendees learned tactics to get search engines to rank their sites number one. Eric gave tips on how marketers can boost their websites in just one week! He also explained how SEO differs for service businesses and local retailers.

Learn more about SEO from “SEO: What’s working? What’s relevant? A Newport Interactive Marketers session” on Designated Editor’s blog.

About Eric Covino

Eric started his web career in 2003 as a freelance designer and PHP developer. Since then, Eric’s company Creative Signals has evolved to provide search engine marketing and consulting for all types of businesses, from large B2B companies to small-town mom-and-pop shops.

Currently, Eric manages a handful of clients, runs his own websites, and is the community manager at, where he blogs as “vanillacoke.” Eric lives in Connecticut with his wife and daughter.

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