Mobile for Marketing with Newport Interactive Marketers

Tamara Gruber, founder of Red Giant Consulting, guided NIM attendees into the mobile marketing world. She explored the difference between mobile apps and mobile sites and how they could optimize their businesses.

Discover more about what attendees learned at “Marketing with Mobile with Newport Interactive Marketers”, and grasp why mobile marketing matters on Designated Editor’s blog.

Meet Tamara Gruber

Tamara Gruber is the founder of Red Giant Consulting and provides strategic marketing and communications services to tech and mobile start ups.  She has spent more than13 years in mobile as a consultant and as VP of Marketing for Crisp Media and Scan Mobile, and Director of Marketing for Broadbeam Corp.  Last year she had the honor of being named one of the Top 50 Women in Mobile Content by Mobile Entertainment and the Women to Watch in 2010 by Mobile Marketer.  She is @tgruber on Twitter, and you can also find her at Providence Geeks or organizing events for MobileMondays Boston.

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