Maximize Partner-Consultant Relationships for Successful Projects

Speaker John Picozzi discussed the importance of  keeping partner-consultant relationships on track at NIM’s November event. He shared his favorite tips for  how to handle minor disagreements, a bad work dynamic, or just poor communication.

Meet John Picozzi

John Picozzi is Oomph Inc.’s resident Drupal enthusiast, a co-podcaster, and adjunct professor in his spare time. John has done impressive work for CVS Caremark, Leica, BlueCross, and Marriott International. He not only understands client-side development; he teaches it. After receiving his B.A. Cum Laude in Web Development and Internet Commerce from Johnson & Wales University, he was invited back to mold young minds in the “Graphic Design & Digital Media” department. He is an active Drupal community member, as one of the first co-founders of both the Providence Drupal Meetup group, and New England Drupal Camp. He can be heard weekly on the Talking Drupal podcast, a digital discussion on platform news, tips, and industry basics.

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