Past NIM Events

5/25/17Learn 7 Steps to SEO Success in 2017 (and Beyond)

4/21/17Gain Google Traffic Now & Future

3/30/17- Drive More Leads and Sales: What Works & Doesn’t

2/20/17- Harness 8 Principles of the Digital Revolution

1/26/17- Podcasters Share Their Success Secrets


11/3/16- How Google Analytics can Boost your Business

9/29/16- Facebook Advertising Secrets: From Start to Success

8/18/16- Trade Tips at Newport Interactive Marketer’s Open Mic Night!

7/21/16- 100% Networking with PRSA, AMP-RI, and Newport County Chamber Connections

6/23/16- Overcome Your Website Securities Worries

4/27/16- How to Perfect Your Messaging to Engage Your Perfect Clients

2/29/16- Transcending SEO in 2016 and Beyond (in Plain English)

2/24/16- Adapt Big Marketing Wins to Your Small Budget

1/20/16- A Pro’s Secrets to DIY your PR


9/18/15- Trade Tips at Newport Interactive Marketer’s Second Open Mic Night!

9/21/15- Strategize Your Content for Maximum SEO and Social ROI

8/12/15- Travel Bloggers’ Secrets You Can Use

7/30/15- 100% Networking at Newport’s Best Sunset Spot

6/9/15- #InstagramExpert National Speaker Comes to Newport

5/19/15- DIY Video: Tips From the Experts

4/7/15- Learn from Your Competition and GET AHEAD

3/11/15- Shared Wisdom: NIM’s First Open Mike Night

2/26/15- Top Tips to Maximize Your 2015 Networking


11/18/2014- Maximize Partner-Consultant Relationships for Successful Projects

10/16/14- Integrating Events and Social Media Lunch & Learn

8/19/2014- Flash Talks: Tips & News You Can Actually Use

7/31/2014- Sunset Networking with Views of Newport

6/17/2014- What’s New with Google Analytics

5/13/2014- Making Cents of PPC and Adwords

3/25/14- How to Amp Your Business by Capturing and Nurturing Leads

2/25/14- Get More From Your Website

1/28/14- Grow Your Brand With URI’s Business Engagement Center


11/12/13- Capture the Creative Power of Strategy

9/24/13- Boost Your SEO: How to Create & Organize Content

8/13/13- Must-Have WordPress Plugins

7/24/13- Networking, Drinks, and Views Over Newport

6/25/13- Better Business With Better Internet

5/14/13- More Social Media Agency Secrets

4/16/13- Build Your Brand with Tips from Award-Winning Book Coach

3/12/13-  Analyzing Analytics, with Google!

2/21/13- Know Before Paying for Web Services

1/24/13- Maximizing your MultiMedia Output


11/28/12- 2nd Annual Social Media Social: Through the Eyes of the Professionals

10/25/2012- How Much Should a Website Really Cost?

9/27/12- Why Google+ Works, Even Rocks, for Business

8/23/12- Search Marketing and Social Media: What Works Now With Eric Enge

7/26/12- 100% Networking with PRSA, SENE and NIM

6/14/12- Learn the Kickstarter recipe for crowdfunding: Key Social Media ingredients & applications for engagement

5/17/12- Quick Tips to Lure Visitors From Newport Interactive Marketers Experts

4/27/12- Pinterest for Business

3/1/12- Optimize Online Marketing With Secrets of a Revenue Coach

1/26/12- Make Your Website Mobile Friendly


11/29/11- Newport Interactive Marketers @ URI Social Media Social

10/27/11- Create and Market Your Brand Story

9/29/11- Enhance your Brand with Google+ and Twitter

8/25/11- Intertwining Social Media and Customer Service

7/21/11- Join NIM at the top of Newport Tweetup

6/23/11- Drive ROI from Google Analytics

5/19/11- SEO Mythology & Tactics from SEO Book Community Manager Eric Covino

4/27/11- Facebook Marketing Best Practices to Boost ROI

3/29/11- Learn and Leverage Video for your Brand Success with Newport Interactive Marketers

1/20/11- Mobile for Marketing with Newport Interactive Marketers


10/21/10-  Social Media Secrets with Newport Interactive Marketers

9/30/10- Search Engine Optimization Insights with Newport Interactive Marketers

8/26/10- Social Media Answers With Newport Interactive Marketers

7/29/10-  Verbal Branding: Newport Interactive Marketers Networking

6/26/10- Newport Interactive Marketers Networking




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