Flash Talks: Tips & News You Can Actually Use

Don’t miss Newport Interactive Marketers’ inaugural Flash Talks event. Each presenter will have 5-10 minutes to share tips and news that can move your business and/or community forward.

Eventbrite - Flash Talks: Tips & News You Can Actually Use

  • 9 online tools to make doing business easier: Longtime NIM supporter (logo & website design) soloprenuer graphic designer Lindsay (Logan) Fair will share her go-to online tools to save time & streamline workflow, invoicing, time tracking, file organization & more.
  • Use your cellphone to take images and video for your site & social media: apps, hardware & tips to take better pictures and make your website POP — presented by website developer and computer scientist Francisco Samuel, who’s presented and conducted NIM workshops.
  • Staying One Step Ahead & Thinking Different: Lessons learned, tips and tricks that you can actually usefrom IYRS’s website relaunch by IYRS Marketing Manager Josh Singer.
  • Digital Cities RI needs help from interactive professionals/enthusiasts like you to ensure that Rhode Island students gain the experience they’ll need to be effective contributors to the community, state, and beyond. Critique the interactive tool to help identify consensus and controversy in digital learning in R.I. schools and colleges. This interactive flash talk will set the stage for communicating next-gen educational opportunities to citizens everywhere — presented by Renee Hobbs, founding director of URI’s Harrington School of Communications & Media

Many thanks to our sponsors this month

IYRS School of Technology & Trades for an amazing venue — with parking!

Bridge Liquors — did you know they deliver? — for making the intel & news go down easier.

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  1. Very interesting film Thought provoking. I enjoyed it very much.

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  3. Karen Armstrong says:

    Looking forward to i t! Thanks!

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