Maximize Partner-Consultant Relationships for Successful Projects

We’d like to say all web/media consultant relationships end in great sites and honeymoons to Paris, but sometimes the reality isn’t so happily-ever-after. Whether it’s a minor disagreement, a bad work dynamic, or just poor communication. Learn how you can get more bang for your buck – or save your skin – with a handful of handy tips that can keep your investment back-on-track for the client and the consultant. From domain name, to hosting, to files: learn to keep your site and your sanity intact.

Meet Newport Interactive Marketers at Midtown Oyster Bar, across from the Red Parrot. Plenty of FREE parking at St. Spyridon Church lot (access from side street, just past Via Via) and on-street.

6 p.m. Networking        7 p.m. Speaker        See you there!

Newport Interactive Marketers is sponsored by Designated Editor. 

Many thanks to venue sponsor Midtown Oyster Bar, an amazing experience,always.

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  1. Very interesting film Thought provoking. I enjoyed it very much.

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  3. Karen Armstrong says:

    Looking forward to i t! Thanks!

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