Capture the Creative Power of Strategy

Newport Interactive Marketers took a broader approach to its usually new media focus to welcome Harvard Business School’s approach to developing a strategy for your brand. New Strategy Group Founder, Perry Fagan, gave his top tips on how to develop an effective company strategy including how to:

  • Articulate and clarify your own organization’s strategy
  • Identify your unique selling proposition (USP) for target customers
  • Get what strategy is — and what it is not — and how good strategy is created

NEW STRATEGY GROUP Founder P. Lawrence FaganMeet Perry Lawrence Fagan

NEW STRATEGY GROUP Founder P. Lawrence Fagan earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, where he spent 11 years researching corporate and organization strategy, six years as a member of the HBS research faculty.

While at HBS, Mr. Fagan contributed to the development of a general theory of organizations and authored numerous business case studies, several of them bestsellers. Subsequently he worked nine years as a strategy leader causing breakthroughs for clients in diverse industries and geographies with Monitor Company, HBS Executive Education, the Corporate Learning division of Harvard Business Publishing, and independently.

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