Analyzing Analytics, with Google!

Newport Interactive Marketers hosted CEO and Managing Director Jay Murphy of Trionia, Inc to learn how Google Analytics works.

Through the instruction provided by Murphy and NIM, the audience learned how to:

  • Add and use Google Analytics
  • Interpret results from Google Analytics
  • Make solid business decisions from the data

Attendees were asked to think of questions prior to the event about Google Analytics, as well as how to attract more traffic to their business–Murphy’s expertise extends from social media strategy and search engine optimization to website development and analytics.

James Murphy, Murphy, faculty

Meet Jay Murphy

Jay works with large and mid-sized organizations to successfully convert business imperatives to effective online marketing results by delivering analytics, website development, social media strategy, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and display advertising all optimized with measurable results.  Jay is the founder of Trionia, Inc., and has worked with GE, Raytheon and Janus Mutual Funds.  Jay previously worked at Sapient Corporation as a director of program management and led projects in a variety of industries including financial services, energy and higher education. Jay holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Northeastern University and a M.S. in Electric Engineering from Tufts University.  He was awarded a Draper Fellowship to attend Tufts University and took doctoral level course work at MIT in Aerospace Engineering.

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