About Suzanne

Suzanne McDonald, Newport Interactive Marketers Founder

Based in Newport, Suzanne founded and is Chief Content Strategist at Designated Editor. Former Boston Globe journalist, she specializes in content strategy and social media integration: writing and editing for websites, blogs, and social media.

Suzanne also teaches Social Media Strategies at the University of Rhode Island.

Inspired by a South by Southwest panel and having met numerous bright creatives in Newport, Suzanne grew NIM from 25 attendees at a May 2010 gathering to nearly 500 to date.

NIM continues to grow and provides the best cross-functional, integrated networking outside of Boston/Cambridge.

Join in for our next NIM gathering!

One Response to About Suzanne

  1. Suzanne,

    Would like to meet with you.

    Recrue Media is a 7 year old company located in Wickford, with offices also in Los Angeles. We work with media companies across the country in training staffs to sell internet advertising using white label proposals we create for them, and then both managing campaigns and providing reports for their sales staffs to present to clients.

    We are growing and will need to expand our staffs and from my attendance at your meetings for the last year I expect there is plenty of expertise in the membership that Recrue Media could work with.

    Would like to bring a couple of our people with me for a discussion with you.

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